French Phrasebook for Tourism, Friendship & Fun
Print edition
Here’s the premier French phrasebook of them all. With almost three times as many phrases as any other French phrasebook, this one gives you a treasure chest of vocabulary and phrases for enjoying tourism, making acquaintances, conversing with people, having fun, and pursuing romance, as well as coping with everyday situations. 

And it's very quick and easy to use. Phrases and terms are grouped under the key word(s) they contain, and the key words are alphabetized, like in a dictionary. Want to find something? Go to its key word, and chances are you'll find what you're looking for. No confusing categories to fumble through, as in other phrasebooks. (Click the sample pages link below.)

Twelve appendices explain French pronunciation, grammar, numbers, and time expressions, plus enable you to order food and drink in French and comprehend common signs and labels.
by Mathieu Herman, Ariane Nouchi, Delphine Pham, Robert Powers & Orlane Videlier.  C2011, 
ISBN 9781929482207, 552 pages
Size: 4.75" X 6.875" (118.75 mm X 171.875 mm
Weight: 1 lb 3.8 oz (554.4 g)

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