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1563 Kindle pages give users 5 times more vocabulary

Colorado Springs, Colorado; April 4, 2017. Out of the way, apes - King Kong has moved in. With 1563 Kindle pages, the new “French Phrasebook & Dictionary” has five times as many pages as the next biggest one. In fact, it has more pages than the next eight Kindle French phrasebooks combined. Aside from the steroids, the book also provides the user with three innovations for easier usage:

  • Phrases and terms have been grouped under the key word(s) that they contain, and the key words are in alphabetical order, as in any dictionary. A person has only to think of the key word in a phrase and look it up alphabetically.
  • The letters of the alphabet in the Table of Contents (TOC) have been divided into sub-sections, thus enabling the user to move closer to a desired place when navigating by the TOC.
  • A tiny x has been placed in front of each main-entry (key) word to improve search efficiency. When the user types an x in front of a word in a search, he/she gets only that main word as a result, instead of the usual mass results for all instances of the word in the book.

A forty-two-page menu guide leads the user into the galaxy of French culinary delights, and an eleven-page appendix gives a concise overview of French grammar. Eight other appendices deal with alphabet & pronunciation, numbers, clock & calendar time, adult heights and weights, metric measurements, and common French signs & labels. A map of France is provided at the back.

Mathieu Herman, an Alzheimer’s researcher and professional translator, provided the French equivalents of the English and the pronunciation. Mathieu was born in France, earned a degree at xxx, and currently resides in New York. Robert Powers, a retired US Army linguist and book publisher, compiled the English portion of the book. He hails from Portland, Oregon, graduated with a degree in Slavic languages from the University of Washington, and currently lives in Spokane, Washington.

“French Phrasebook & Dictionary”, ISBN 978-1929482931, can be purchased for $4.99 at Amazon. Enter the Amazon ASIN B01N7P4NSY in their Search. Sample pages of the book can be seen at

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Contact: Bob Powers                                                                             
Phone: 503-369-9584                                                                              


Book Synopsis: A Kindle edition of an English-French phrasebook and dictionary that contains 1563 pages, making it the largest digital French phrasebook currently on the market. Includes a 42-page menu guide, an 11-page French grammar appendix, 8 other appendices and a map of France. Text is in 3 colors: red, blue and black.

Authors:    Mathieu Herman  
                   Alzheimer’s researcher & professional translator. 
                   Born in France, currently resides in New York.

                   Robert Powers
                   Retired US Army linguist & book publisher
                   Born in Portland, OR, currently resides in Colorado Springs
                   Education: University of Washington (Slavic Languages)

Book Cover Art:

ISBN:  9781929482931
Retail Price: $4.99
Publisher:  Treasure Chest of Languages
                    PO Box 62962
                    Colorado Springs, CO 80962
Date Published: February 3, 2017 
Order from: Amazon (ASIN: B01N7P4NSY)
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