Russian Phrasebook for Dating & Beyond
Ebook edition

by Robert F. Powers & Marina A. Frolova.  
ISBN for Kindle: 9781929482900
ISBN for EPUB: 9781929482832

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     To help you in your pursuit of love and romance in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, the authors have compiled here an 805-page collection of phrases and vocabulary that will ease the way for you to:

  • attract the person’s interest
  • make introductions
  • make a winning impression
  • arrange meetings
  • carry on conversations
  • share recreation
  • express thoughts and feelings
  • gain love and affection
  • arouse desire and passion.

     The phrasebook, English to Russian, is organized like a dictionary, with phrases and terms grouped under the key word(s) that they contain. English phonetic pronunciation is included in blue font. The key words are red, preceded by a tiny x for use in searching to avoid mass results for a word. 

     The 805 pages of the phrasebook were compiled 6" X 8" (15 cm x 20 cm), just slightly larger than a Kindle Fire 8 page.     

     The book contains 14 appendices, covering Russian alphabet & pronunciation, Russian grammar, ordinal & cardinal numbers, calendar & clock time, metric measurements, adult heights & weights, clothing sizes, an English-Russian food glossary, terms of endearment, polite & familiar "you", customs & traditions, and holidays & special occasions.
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