Russian Phrasebook for Tourism & Winter Sports
Ebook edition

by Olga I. Kravtsova,  Robert F. Powers & Marina A. Frolova.  C2014
ISBN for Kindle: 9781929482146
ISBN for EPUB: 9781929482986

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For winter sports in Russia, this is THE phrasebook to have. Nowhere else will you find such a wealth of phrases, terms and individual words for such activities as: 

        • downhill skiing                     • ice skating
        • slalom skiing                        • figure skating
        • cross-country skiing              • speed skating
        • biathlon                               • ice hockey
        • ski jumping                          • bobsleigh
        • snowboarding                       • luge
        • curling                                 • skeleton 

Plus, there are all the expressions and vocabulary you’ll likely need for tourism, socializing, simple conversations, everyday living and emergency situations. And you won’t find an easier phrasebook to use. No confusing categories: material is organized like in a dictionary, with phrases and terms grouped under the key word(s) that they contain. Russian equivalents of the English are given first in Cyrillic, then in their English phonetic form in blue font. Asterisks in front of key words simplify searches, preventing mass results for a given word. 

PLUS: 11 appendices:

   • Russian alphabet & pronunciation                         
   • Russian grammar
   • Numbers
   • Clock time
   • Calendar time
   • Metric measurements
   • Common adult heights
   • Common adult weights
   • Clothing sizes
   • Russian-English glossary of food & drink
   • Common Russian signs and labels

Book size equals more than 2300 Word document pages (with keyword groups spaced). 
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