Spanish Phrasebook for Tourism, Friendship & Fun in Spain
                               Revised & Enlarged Ebook Edition
The perfect companion for your trip to Spain! Whether talking with someone at an outdoor café in Alicante, making an acquaintance on a Torremolinos beach, bargaining with a shopkeeper in Montesa, or chatting with your neighbor on a train to Seville, you’ll be super glad that you have this broad-spectrum English-Spanish phrasebook to guide you along. 

With almost three times as many phrases as other Spanish phrasebooks, you’ll be able to say most of what you want or need to say. Altogether it gives you 8,821 phrases, 12,308 terms and 9,208 individual words, a treasure chest of vocabulary and conversation for:

  •  enjoying tourism
  • ​ coping with all kinds of everyday situations
  •  dealing with emergencies
  •  getting acquainted
  •  making friends
  •  carrying on simple conversations
  •  pursuing romance
  •  participating in and watching sports such as basketball, soccer, team handball, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, scuba diving, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, boating, mountain climbing, equestrian sport, golf, tennis, track & field, skydiving, paragliding, boxing, wrestling, birdwatching, fishing, hunting, archery, paintball, field hockey, ice hockey, and many others.

And it's very quick and easy to use. Phrases and terms are grouped under the key word(s) they contain, and the key words are alphabetized, like in a dictionary. Want to find something? Go to its key word, and chances are you'll find what you're looking for. No confusing categories to fumble through, as in other phrasebooks. (Click the sample pages link below.)

The book includes a HUGE Spanish-English glossary of food and drink.

PLUS: 9 other appendices:

  • Spanish alphabet and pronunciation
  • Spanish grammar
  • Numbers
  • Clock time
  • Calendar time
  • Metric measurements
  • Common adult heights
  • Common adult weights
  • Spanish signs and labels

by Alejandra P. De la Maria & Robert F. Powers, C2012, 
ISBN for Kindle:  9781929482252
ISBN for EPUB:  9781929482221

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