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Ukrainian Food & Menu Guide
Kindle E-book Edition  
       by Olga Powers & Robert Powers,           ©2018
​      ISBN for Kindle:  9781929482887
      ASIN: B07DLQ16QT

       Price: $2.99
You know how it is when you go into a restaurant or a food store in a foreign country and try to figure out what’s on the menu or decipher the food packages or signs. It can be frustrating and confusing. What are all these dishes in this little café? What do those signs on the bakery products mean? What’s in this can? What kind of meat is this? Well now, for Ukraine, you need have no more such trepidation or doubts, because this Guide endows you with the English translations of more than 2,300 Ukrainian food items and culinary dishes.

To help you decipher the Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet, in case its unfamiliar to you, alphabet bars are provided in front of each letter section. And the letters on the alphabet bars are linked to all the other letters to make it quick and easy to find the next word you need.

The pronunciation of all Ukrainian words is given in blue font and an appendix with the alphabet and phonetic pronunciation is included at the back.

With this Guide to aid them, English-speaking tourists will find it much easier to decipher Ukrainian menus and signs; ex-pats will be able to shop for food and read recipes more adeptly; restaurant employees will be able to put their menus into English more confidently and correctly; and food industry personnel will be able to more accurately describe and invoice their products for export.
Just published June 7, 2018

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